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Release Date:
March 2, 2017

044: Interview with Sara Panero

In this episode, I interview Sara Panero! Check out the podcast to find out how she got started in dance, her future goals, and tips on becoming a better follower!


Intro Song:

  • Let Me Love You – Ariana Grande (Kizomba Remix by DJ Snakes)

Key Points:

  • Sara Panero has been dancing since she was 9.
  • Sara Panero competed in AfricaDancar in 2012.
  • Be self-aware to realize if you really get energized by the teaching process. Is it a passion? Or you serving the scene?

Links Mentioned:

  • Ronald Jara & Sara Panero competing in the semi-final of the AfricaDancar competition in 2012
  • Albir Rojas & Sara Panero’s demo to Sabawana
  • Albir & Sara Panero Demo

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