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Release Date:
October 27, 2016

027: Kizomba And The 5 Love Languages

In this episode, my special guest, Emily Bartholomew and myself delve into how the 5 love languages correlate with our love for kizomba. We also reveal the results of the survey I did among kizomba lovers about their top love languages!


Intro Song:

  • Real Love Cover by Jess Glynne by Mary J. Blidge

Key Points:

  • We should teach the value of self-awareness and self-love at an earlier age in society.
  • Dancing kizomba can fill your physical touch and quality time love tanks without the complexities of a relationship.
  • We should live in a society where people are inspired to find the reason why they were born and contribute those gifts to the world.

Links Mentioned:

Survey Results As Of 10-26-2016

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