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Release Date:
October 26, 2020

086: Interview with Pilou Souldance

In this episode we talk about Pilou's dance journey starting from growing up in Martinique to the differences between Brazilian zouk, kizomba, and urban kiz, integration into the Portuguese dance scene, connection versus technique, and having sensuality while maintaining respect on the dance floor, and much more!


Intro Song:

  • Vini Dou- Victor O

Key Points:

  • Pilou was born in Bordeaux, France but was raised in Martinique .
  • Pilou was exposed to kizomba in Europe before traveling to South America for a foreign exchange program where had the opportunity to start a kiz scene in Colombia.
  • Pilou is one of the few leads I know that can dance kizomba, urban kiz, and also Brazilian zouk at an excellent level.


  • Pilou & Mafalda - Urbankiz
  • Pilou & Mafalda - Urbankiz
  • Connection & Vulnerability | Pilou & Tarah + Eddy & Yesi
  • Pilou & Mafalda - Brazilian Zouk

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