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Release Date:
January 25, 2021

099: Discussing Patriarchy | Women in Kizomba Series: Part 2 | Featured Guest: Julz Tremblay

In this episode, Julz and I have a conversation around shedding light on patriarchy in the kizomba scene. Our goal with the podcast is NOT to attack men, or create division of hierarchy between the genders. We want to bring more awareness to the inequalities that are implanted in our social structure and promote inclusivity for a healthier dance community.


Songs Used:

Time Stamps

  • 14:20: Open Thoughts defining Patriarchy
  • 27:55: Patriarchy in the Professional Area
  • 1:05:17: Patriarchy in Sex, Romance, & Consent
  • 1:30:20: Closing Thoughts

Key Points:

  • We were both feeling some discomfort and vulnerability discussing this topic.
  • In the professional area, some inequalities we see are in what happens after partnership breakups, communication with organizers when it comes to payment, exposure of both roles in the partnership, unequal teaching and talking time is group classes, mixed expectations of when a male lead instructor uses an assistant, collaborates with another artist, or in a a professional partnership, quantity of solo male instructors versus solo female instructors, and more.
  • In the sex, romance, and consent area we see some inequalities in the hookup culture is handled, lack of proper communication around consent, slut shaming, hyper sexualization, and more.


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