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Organize Your Dance Journey Today!

Dancer's Training Journal 1.0

A 100% personalized tracking tool designed for dancers (aka YOU) to keep track of past, and future training sessions across ALL of the dance styles you train in!

If you want to track all of your practice sessions (solo or with a partner), private lessons (as a student or instructor), group lessons (from local classes to international festivals), and/or socials with custom timestamps to track your lightbulb moments, highlights, and areas to improve all in one place, THIS TEMPLATE IS FOR YOU!

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With a bit of work, Notion can be a capable accountability and tracking tool – and this template does the heavy lifting for you.

Self Awareness & Dance Concepts Sections

At the top of the dashboard you will find a column for self-awareness and another for dance concepts. The self-awareness section (dance love languages, love languages, and dominant learning style) each have a link to the sites where you can take the quiz and then enter your results in the appropriate area in your journal.

Under the dance concepts section you can put your own personal drills, key concepts, and overall dance goals that you want to have available to you for easy access.

Feel free to remove and add sections as needed to cater to your own personal dance journey!

The Main Training Journal View

The main database items that drives the journal are the Training Journal entries. The columns that are listed (and completely customizable) are the name of the journal entry, the dance style, the date, duration (in hours), location, type of practice (solo, practice partner, private lesson, group lesson, or social), other people involved (if any), focus (not listed above), event (if any), and instructor (if any).

The hours column automatically sums at the bottom of the table.

Feel free to remove and add columns as needed to cater to your own personal dance journey!


What do you dance and for how long?

I dance primarily zouk right now, for the past year and a half.

Why did you invest in the Dancer's Training Journal?

I invested in the Dancer's Training Journal because I liked how it organized key concepts for me to remind myself of while training, with room to log when I practice, take private lessons or take a class.

How were you organizing your dance videos before?

I was making recap reels and saving them to my computer. I wasn't able to track notes about movements in the videos very easily.

How do you feel your dance journey will improve in the future with the journal?

It's a single place that I can come back to that's visually appealing, shows me how far I've come and keeps me grounded in the key things I need to keep drilling or ask questions about to get better.

Why do you feel other dancers should invest in this journal?

I feel other dancers should get this journal if they are getting a lot of value from recording themselves or learning from a variety of sources and are struggling to stay organized.

Custom Views Through Filtering & Sorting

With the power of creating custom views based on different filtering and sorting criteria you can create what you want to filter your training sessions with the criteria you want.

For example, I could have view called "Recent Brazilian Zouk Practice" where I filtered all of my session by the dance style of Brazilian Zouk, and also filtered by the date of within the past month, two weeks, or week.

Views can be based on the type of practice, dates, events, etc. basically any custom column that we created can then be used to filter by.

Outside of the table view, we can also create views based on a Kanban board style, calendar, list, or timeline view. Very powerful filtering options, all at your fingertips!

Feel free to remove and add views as needed to cater to your own personal dance journey!

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But wait! There's more!

Video Organization & Documented Moments By The Time Stamp

When you create a new journal entry, there are already some built in templates that I provided (that can also be customized) for each session to reduce friction from entering your highlights, takeaways, and/or lightbulb moments from each session along with songs that you used during the session (so you don't have going searching for that song for an hour on Soundcloud or Spotify), and also the videos from each session.

I highly recommend using Google Drive to upload and host your videos and then you can paste the video link under the video toggle in the journal entry. Now you will finally have a library of all of your practice videos and sessions ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Which brings us to the next dose of dopeness with this template which are the TRAINING MOMENTS!

You and I both know that sometimes it's tough to get up and practice, and then fight the inner voice telling you not to record yourself when you know you should, and then if you muster up the courage to record yourself maybe you won't even bother watching it and then it just becomes another buried video taking up space on your phone for who knows how long.


With this powerful template tool, I created a secondary table that is linked to the main journal entry table that is designed for you to watch your videos and extract the important time stamps by the highlights, lightbulbs moments, and areas to improve!!!

Do this once, and you don't have to worry about to rewatching multiple videos because you don't remember which one had the cool one-legged triple spin on releve.

Inputting in your training moments in each training session (all with custom tags that can then be filtered) will then be extracted to the main dashboard view so you can view the training moments you have noted by the timestamp ACROSS ALL OF YOUR SESSIONS, without having to open them individually! WOW!

This template is available for just $7!

Get This Notion Template!

Have ideas for more features?
Shoot me a message on IG @mr.neokiz!

If you need some help learning the basics of Notion, I highly recommend this video below!