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Release Date:
November 9, 2020

088: Interview with Genevieve

In the episode, Genevieve and I discuss her beginnings into dance, her travels, her favorite food, the divine energies present in our dance, and much more!


Intro Song:

  • Faco Como - Liriany

Key Points:

  • Genevieve was introduced to ballet when she was 3 and she was active in ballet until she was 20.
  • Genevieve enjoys combining energy around the divine feminine and the divine masculine in her approach to teaching kizomba.
  • Genevieve's favorite food is watermelon.


  • Bangarra Dance Theatre
  • I Am Women Kizomba Choreo Project
  • Andy and Yesi - Kizomba Fusion Video
  • Genevieve Solo Ladies Styling Video on the beach
  • Genevieve Solo Ladies Styling Video #2

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