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Release Date:
October 5, 2016

024: Are You A Thinker Or A Feeler? Part 2: Feelers

In this episode my special guest Stephanie Gurnon and I talk about how thinkers and feelers show up in dance, some clues to help you find out your learning style, empower you become a better learner, and share perspectives from instructors catering to multiple learning styles and personalities.


Intro Song:

  • Nao E So by Sutak

Key Points:

  • Always being on “energy overdrive” in your dance will limit what you can express in the music.
  • Increasing the complexity of your moves can decrease the attention you have to focus on your partner and the music.
  • As a teacher, you are orchestrating the energy of the room and catering to multiple learning styles.
  • Dance is one of best ways to guide you on your path to self-discovery.

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