Release Date:
July 19, 2016

013: The 2nd Annual Neo Kizomba Festival Recap

013: The 2nd Annual Neo Kizomba Festival Recap


Intro Song:

  • Ponto G by Rui featuring M B

Key Points:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • It is key to have a support system to help keep you motivated especially when doing bigger things outside of your comfort zone.
  • Like attracts like. Being true to who you are will allow other people like you to become attracted to you naturally.

Resources Mentioned:

List of volunteers to thank for their help at the festival!

  • Lola Taylor
  • Pamela Hernandez
  • Favian Bustos
  • Hannah Miller-Jones
  • Michael Johnson
  • Monique Aragorn
  • Tiffany Clement
  • Tiffany Burnham
  • Juho So
  • Irakli Chachua
  • Fawn Legg
  • Paula Gallegos
  • RIna Arai
  • Anjan Kumar
  • Courtney Triggs
  • Marquita Parker
  • Cyndi Loter
  • Nikki McMahan
  • David Brestel
  • Martha Amigon
  • Breigh Shotwell
  • Nikki Manning
  • Ab Alharbi
  • Carolina
  • Sarah Hemeida
  • Emily Jablon

Show Your Style Playlist on YouTube

The Artists of the 2nd Annual Neo Kizomba Festival 2016

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