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Release Date:
December 28, 2020

095: Interview with Mickaela Jalkteg

In this episode, Mickaela and I talk about her dance journey, her childhood dreams, growing up in Sweden, her 1st kizomba festival, her partnership with Jojo and what an fair professional dance partnership ending should be, proper use of showers and more!


Intro Song:

  • Break of Dawn - Nelson Freitas feat. Richie Campbell

Key Points:

  • She was born and raised in Sweden.
  • She had a childhood dream of becoming a dancer and also loves choreographing.
  • She recently graduated to become a men's hairdresser.


  • Demo with Mickaela & Albir
  • Big Big World - Emilia
  • Ronie and Mickaela from 2014!
  • Demo with Mickaela & Ronie - 2018
  • Demo with Mickaela & Jojo - Feeling 2017
  • Demo with Mickaela & Jojo - PKC 2017
  • Mickaela & Jojo - Luxembourg 2017
  • Mickaela & Ronie - Gingo Boo 2019
  • Kizomba Ladies Styling with Mickaela
  • Urban Kiz Ladies Styling Student Team

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