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Release Date:
October 5, 2020

083: Interview with Maria Alpas

In this episode, Maria and I discuss her journey through dance from ballroom, salsa, Brazilian zouk, to kizomba, and her recent move to Paris, France.


Intro Song:

  • Coas – Dalex

Key Points:

  • Maria's dance journey has included ballroom, salsa, and 2 years of Brazilian zouk before she discovered kizomba.
  • Maria has recently relocated to Paris, France from Warsaw, Poland for more opportunities to train and collaborate with higher skilled dancers.
  • Maria is very unique in that she has done many video collaborations with a lot of the top leads including but not limited to Laurent Yishu, Oncle Kani, Albir Rojas, & Donald Wilson.


  • Donald Wilson & Maria Alpas
  • Ti Wosh & Maria Alpas
  • Tresor Kiz & Maria Alpas
  • Maria Alpas - Ladies Styling
  • Fouss Smile & Maria Alpas
  • Fouss Smile & Maria Alpas
  • Oncle Kani & Maria Alpas
  • Oncle Kani & Maria Alpas
  • Laurent Yishu & Maria Alpas
  • Ti Wosh & Maria Alpas

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