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Release Date:
November 23, 2020

090: Deconstructing Traditional Dance Roles With Eliza Veta

In this episode Eliza and I deconstruct traditional dance roles in the scope of leading and following, Eliza shares her experiences are a new follower to kizomba, when she decided start learning to lead, her experiences with other talented follows at socials, and much more!


Intro Song:

  • Minha Terra - Stézy Zimmer

Key Points:

  • It is now becoming more common for dance instructor to address the group as leads and follows, versus guys and girls.
  • Imagine a dance festival or workshop where everyone both leads and follows!
  • The increased level of awareness from learning your non-dominant role is truly a no brainer!


  • Demo of Adeline and Isabel - Ladies Styling
  • Danielle & Monika - Ladies Styling
  • Same Gender Salsa Competitions
  • Instructor Communication Diagram

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