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Release Date:
October 19, 2020

085: Interview with Paloma Alves

In this episode, Paloma and I discuss how she's coping with COVID, her dance beginnings, the 3 things someone should consider before pursuing a dance career, her partnership with William and much more!


Intro Song:

  • My Everything - J. Howell

Key Points:

  • Paloma's first introduction to dance was flamenco.
  • Paloma had a huge fascination with reading when she was younger.
  • Paloma really enjoys more of a 1 on 1 and mentorship relationship with her students.


  • Paloma & William @ Boston Brazilian Dance Festival
  • Paloma & William @ PZC2018
  • Paloma & William @ Elevation 2019
  • Paloma & William @ WZF2020

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