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Release Date:
October 12, 2020

084: Interview with Jesica Cutler

In this episode, Jesica and I discuss her background in dance, her views on respecting the roots of a dance and also embracing fusion, proprioception, human anatomy, and more!


Intro Song:

  • El Anden - Bajofondo Tangoclub with Mala Rodriguez

Key Points:

  • Jesica is a tango dance instructor based out of Denver, Colorado where she partners with John Miller.
  • Jesica believes it's possible to honor and respect the roots of a dance style and also delve in curiosity and fusion with other styles.
  • Jesica and John run the tango festival, Tango on the Rocks, in Colorado.


  • Jesica and John Tango Performance
  • Tango on the Rocks Festival Promo
  • Gustavo & Giselle
  • Brenda Russell - Dance Mode

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