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Release Date:
November 24, 2016

030: What Is A “Real” Dance?

In this episode, my special guest, Laura Riva talk about what makes a dance a legitimate style versus a new dance, dance traditions, culture and more!


Intro Song:

  • Tarada – DJ Nice Life

Key Points:

  • If it’s (newer styles) music that resonates you, and it’s a pattern of movement that stimulates my creativity and expression – but this does not mean you don’t educate yourself about the technique or history of the dance.
  • One perspective is, illegitimacy only exists where an individual does not understand the fundamental pillars of technique and still chooses to claim ownership of the dance.
  • Dancers need to understand that every dance is multi-faceted. Our dances cannot exist in a vacuum; outside forces, regional culture, and individual inspiration will shape the face of all variations of every dance.

Links Mentioned:

  • [VIDEO] Example of Carribbean Zouk

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