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Release Date:
November 2, 2020

087: What Do The Origins Of Our Most Popular Partner Dances In The World Have In Common?


Intro Song:

  • Sweet Reverse 2020 - Jayneziss

Key Points:

  • The term ginga is used kizomba, capoeira, and also soccer.
  • Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island, Haiti is on the eastern side where French in spoken and kompa is danced; the Dominican Republic is on the western side of the island where Spanish is spoken and merengue and bachata are danced.
  • Cumbia is the most popular music and dance of Colombia.


  • Video of Semba from Angola
  • Video of Tango from Argentina
  • Video of Lambada from Brazil
  • Video of Cumbia from Colombia
  • Video of Salsa from Cuba & Puerto Rico
  • Video of Merengue & Bachata from the Dominican Republic
  • Video of Kompa from Haiti
  • Video of Lindy Hop from the United States

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