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Release Date:
April 24, 2019

063: What is Brazilian Zouk? with Laura Riva

In this episode, my returning guest Laura Riva, joins me to help breakdown an intro of Brazilian zouk, lambada, Brazilian zouk timing, Brazilian zouk styles, history, Caribbean zouk, jack & jills, and more!


Intro Song:

  • Kaoma – Lambada

3 Key Points:

  • The roots of Brazilian zouk can be traced back to the dance of lambada.
  • Brazilian zouk began using the zouk name unknowingly of what was known as zouk in the Caribbean. The name was chosen because the music they were dancing to was zouk.
  • Brazilian zouk pulls from a lot of different dances such as, but not limited to, bolero, samba de gafiera, hip hop, salsa, contemporary, and tango.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Examples of Samba de Gaifaira

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