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Release Date:
August 3, 2020

074: Share Shaming in the Dance Scene

In this episode Laura and discuss the umbrella of share shaming from learning and gaining knowledge over time, historical conflicts, leading by example, and much more!


Intro Song:

  • Hear From You by Branko & Sango

Key Points:

  • Shame is not a conducive way to grow a healthy community.
  • Our knowledge of the history and culture grows with time over years, so there should be understanding and patience used with ourselves and other members of the community.
  • Upon doing your own research about the history of any dance, you will find that depending on the source the stories will vary and at times even conflict.
  • One should consider what type of legacy and reputation they wish to have before deciding to publicly shame someone else.
  • Share what you love, versus sharing negative energy of what you dislike.


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