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Release Date:
April 6, 2017

045: 8 Tips On Becoming A Better Lead

In this episode, I share 8 tips for leads in kizomba derived from where I my own struggles on my journey and where I see a lot of leads struggle over the years of me teaching kizomba over the last 4 years.


Intro Song:

  • Can’t Sleep (JB Kizomba Remix)

Key Points:

  • The basics are the first thing that you learn and the last thing that you master.
  • As you grow as a dancer you will realize the importance of not just having a large quantity of moves but to improve the quality of your movement.
  • You have to realize that there is always something to improve but you can put your best foot forward every time you show up on the dance floor, and your comfort zone will continuously shift, so you will never “arrive”. Love the process of continual growth.

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