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Release Date:
June 15, 2016

011: How Important Are The Basics In Kizomba?

In this episode with my special guest, Laurent Yishu, and I talk about the basics of “traditional/authentic” kizomba and “urban/neo” kizomba and their similarities and differences.


Intro Song:

  • DJ Snakes – 92I Veyron Kizomba Remix – Dj Puto X

Key Points:

  • The difference of leading with your body and your arms.
  • There is a global kizomba committee to name the styles of kizomba as they emerge.
  • Kizomba instructors can begin to say before their classes begin, that they are teaching their style that can lean more traditional or urban/neo.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Kizomba On You #Neokiz Tee
  • Video of Curtis & Carola
  • Ennuel & Hakima AfricaDancar Performance 2013

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