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Release Date:
June 8, 2016

010: Interview with Allen Pires aka DJ Lefty

In this episode with my special guest, Allen Pires aka DJ Lefty takes through his journey of learning to DJ, his Cape Verdean culture, and his hip hop career.


Intro Song:

  • Back to Sleep (LJ’s FIX MIX)

Key Points:

  • Music is so universal!
  • No one has all the answers in the history of dance and kizomba, and for this reason we should be humble and seek knowledge from different instructors and teachers who each have a story that represents a piece of the puzzle.
  • Being open to listen and respect the roles of leading and following represents a higher level of consciousness  

Resources Mentioned:

  • Musical Artists mentioned during the podcast:
  • Cabo Verde Show (Cape Verde)
  • Cesaria Evora (Angola)
  • Livity
  • Bane by Oliver N’Goma
  • Ou Le by Jama Routin
  • Splash
  • Grace Evora
  • Kaysha
  • Quattro Plus
  • Ali Angel
  • Nelson Freitas
  • Exile One – Aki Yaka
  • No Scrubs by TLC
  • Danca Kuduro by Don Omar

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